You Love Bacon, Right?

Trick Question. Of Course You Do.

The Geniuses Who Created The Famous Website Sadly Left This Masterpiece Die On 2018, But The Internet Should Never Forget It.

What Was...

This website humbly guided us on the path to good gastronomy, soothing us with the wonderful sound of the best food slowly cooking in oil. As soon as we opened the page, we were filled with a powerful desire to taste some of this sacred food.

🧍 + 🥓 = ❤️

In 2018 this changed. Without expecting it, we lost this wonderful website. Reasons are unknown, or at least I have not found anything about it. Now I have decided to bring it back, to stay for life (as long as it depends on me).

Are you the original creator?

If the original creators read this, thank you for giving us those 4 years of both soothing sounds and hunger! 😊. If you don't want me to host this page, just tell me, and I'll take it down no problem.

One last thing...

I Would Have Loved To Have One Of These:

Those Of You Who Still Have One Of Them, Wear It With Pride!

WebSite brought back to life thanks to the backups on Internet Archive
All Rights go to the original creators of
I own nothing